Komodo – Pink Beach – Rinca
After breakfast at the hotel you will start to sail to komodo island, it is take four hour on the wooden local boat while you enjoying the extraordinary of komodo National Park landscape.
Arrived at Komodo ranger station you will picked up by  local Guide/ Ranger, then took you to explore the island and to see the last huge reptile in the world, Komodo as the  topmost predator in this island. And for sure to see the another wild life as the prey of  komodo Dragon. Such as; Timor Deer( cervus timorensis), Wild Pig (sus scrofa vittatus), water buffalo (bubalus bubalis), wild dog (canis famililaris), wild cat ( felis sp). Also you can see the wild bird like Lesser  frigate bird(fregata ariel), Green jungle fowl(gallus varius), Lesser sulphur crested cockaktoo(cacatua sulphurea) etc. Than sail to pink beach for snorkling and enjoying the  pink sandy beach. Lunch will be provided on boat.
Late afternoon you will sail to rinca island as the second gate to visit komodo national park. Arrived at rinca island than you will do the second track to see the wild life, Long tailed macaque(macaca fascicularis), wild horse(Equus sp), orange-footed scrub fowl(megapadius reinwardt), fulvaus brested woodpecker(picoides macei) all it’s you can see on rinca island. Back to boat than sail to Labuan bajo. programme is over.

  • hotel – harbour transfer return
  • komodo national park entrance fee
  • snorkling equipment
  • meals
  • local guide/ ranger
  • boat
  • camera pocket fee
  • personal insurance
  • alcohol drink
  • personal requirements
  • tip
  • bowler hats
  • sunglasses
  • trekking shoes
  • sun lotion.